Our Sustainability

At Eksa, one of the most important things that we consider when conducting our business is the impact we leave on the environment.

Every member of our staff has children at home, and more than anything else we want to do our part to be constructive role models for them with the hope that they, in turn, will be positive and constructive role models for any children that they may have - or have in their lives in another capacity.

We recycle all paper, cardboard, cans & bottles, plastic, and metal; utilize electric fork lifts, and we are currently considering composting all organic food waste which will be utilized in the home gardens of our staff members – all of whom are aspiring green thumbs (with one of them in the running for the city of Edmonton’s Front Yards in Bloom 2020 competition)! We also re-use as many products as we can – including crates and pallets, packing materials, scrap paper / miss-prints, and anything else that we feel may serve an additional purpose. Additionally we are super excited to begin our work with the organizations “Root For Trees” and “Adopt A Highway” in our home city!