How We Choose Our Manufacturers


At Eksa we savour the present, but look to the future. It is with that mindset that we select many of the manufacturers that we work with.

When looking to source new products to bring to our clientele, we like to look at more than the selection a manufacturer has to offer. We look at how these selections are manufactured; where they are manufactured and the total time it will take for the final product to reach our warehouse; whether or not the impact left on the environment is detrimental to the manufacturers surrounding ecosystem, or if they have practices in place to make their production as green or sustainable as possible; as well as how responsible each manufacturers’ overall production system is.

We are proud to work with the manufacturers that we do - and we are happy to state that they are located all over the world. We are; however, always looking to add new innovators to the line-up of companies that we trust to bring you exceptional quality and design, and new products to peak our client’s interest in this ever changing industry – check back often to see the changes and additions we make to the products that we carry.